How is Shipping cost calculated?

Shipping costs depend on the weight and total dimensions of the package. Sheets that cannot ship through regular Ground service will require shipment through LTL Motor-Freight service.

Shipments through LTL service require products to be placed in a wooden crate. Its dimensions depend on the sheet length and width: if you order 8ft panels, the crate will be approximately 8.5ft long. If you order 14ft panels, the crate will be approximately 14.5ft long. The Crate fee is based on the length and it's usually of $15.00 l/ft. For example, if you order 8ft panels, Crate fee will be of $85.00, if you order 14ft panels, crate fee will be of $145.00.

LTL shipment will always require someone to be present for the delivery, inspection, and offloading of the merchandise.
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